Mother, Avoid Saying This Sentence to Children

Mother and Father, do not underestimate the effect of words that are brought up on children. The study found that inadequate sentences that he heard continuously, could make it difficult for children to manage emotions and difficult to form social relationships as adults. Maybe you consider the words you often say to children when scolding them as normal. However, it could be precisely this sentence that makes children more disobedient. This Sentence May Be Often the Mother Said Mother is in a hurry to cook before leaving for work. It's just that, The Eldest and Youngest alternately came with various requests. From making cheese sandwiches, asking where the sock is next to, to asking where to go this weekend. The confused mother went out of control and said, "Yes! Don't bother Mother again! " Mother is not alone. Almost all mothers must have experienced feelings of remorse for accidentally saying things that might hurt your child. Below are a few examples of se
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